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About Our Business

The idea of the business came from a passion for photography and from experience as well. How many times could you say you enjoyed taking school pictures? we know personally from our young ages that taking your school pictures isn't that enjoyable so we are trying to make sure that other students through our company find the enjoyment to do so

Our goal starting off is getting people to know and be interested in our business so that they can share it with others. And from there we hope to gain enough experience and success to continue our work while expanding to a larger audience

Our focus is students K-12 and giving those students the enjoyment they want in school pictures

Our Team

Senior Picture photo 1 (2).JPG

I love photography. I have always loved seeing the love and support it gets from people. I hope that our company can show that through the love and attention we give to our customers to make their experience amazing.


I love the arts and photography which is why I decided to join the company and also I liked the idea of making students have a more enjoyable experience while capturing the pictures/moments that they get to remember and keep for the rest of their lives.

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